TracFone Mobile Device Review
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TracFone Mobile Device Review

Electronic mobile cell phone devices have drastically improved over the last 5 years. Take a look at the tracFone mobile service to see what money savings it can be to your budget.

TracFone has been a prepaid mobile cell phone device option for 15 years. The large mobile virtual network operator ( MVNO) provides excellent service to 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.  Electronics has added so many bells and whistles that might have directed you to another service, so take a closer look now at the tracFone once more.

Benefits of TracFone

1.  Monthly charges

There are no monthly charges with a tracFone system. There are no monthly agreements to sign, no regulations to follow and what you want you get;  without added items you don't want and surely don't want to pay for either.

2.  Programs

Choose what kind of calling you are used to using. There are numerous programs to choose from very small (one month) to years. If you determine the plan you chose is too limiting, all you do is purchase another tracFone card and your plan is changed with installation of that tracFone card. Programs begin for as little as $19.99 and sometimes less with promotionals.

3.  Loss of minutes

Never lose another minute from your tracFone service. The tracFone device will alert you when your minutes will expire each time you turn on your cell phone. When you determine your minutes will soon expire, buy a small or large denomination card with any amount of minutes and this immediately, when activated, extends all your minutes.

4.  Use of minutes

Use what you want, when you want and how you wish to spend your tracFone minutes. There are no requirements for callers to abide by. Minutes can sit on your account for months without being forfeited or lost.

5.  Cell phone Coverage

There is nationwide cell phone coverage with tracFone service.

6.  TracFone cell phone suppliers

The tracFone website sells tracFones as well as Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, Target , Ebay, Fred Meyer and other retail stores.

7.  TracFone electronic handheld devices

You will have a wide assortment of cell phones to choose from with your tracFone service. Since there are continual up dates they might not be limited to:  LG GS170/420g, Samsung Stride R330/R335c, LG LX-290/290c, LG UX-220c, Smasung SGH-T301g, Samsung SGH-T101g, Motorola @175, Motorola @376/W277, Motorola W260g, LG 600g, Kyocera S1000/K126c, LG AX-145/AX-140/ Aloha/ UX-140/200c, LGCG225, Motorola W370, LG VX-3300/3280, Motorola C139, Motorola C261/C257, Motorola V176, Motorola V170/V171/ V173.

8. Cost of minutes

With some providers that service tracFone customers, there are variables, however most tracFone minutes are calculated at 10 cents a minute. You pay as you go and buy phone cards as needed allowing a budget saving way of having a great cell phone service all the time.


Roberta Baxter satisfied tracFone customer for 8 years

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Comments (5)

I bought my son one of these so he could call me when he needs me to pick him up at places, but he got mad at me because he could not call his friends on it without using up all the minutes. My kids are so darn spoiled.

Nice review. Well done Roberta.

Thank you for a very comprehensive review, Roberta. This tells us everything we need to know.

Great review! Voted up!

I haven't heard of this phone before. Perhaps, i'll check on it one day.