Things to Look for when Buying a Smart Phone
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Things to Look for when Buying a Smart Phone

There are many factors that would affect the performance of a phone, these factors such as RAM and processing speed are crucial in buying an essential phone for gaming and for official use. Other important factors that would greatly affect a user’s personal experience are screen resolution, battery and hardware capabilities.

The market is filled with different smart phones; you have the entry level phones and the high-end phones. You have android, Windows, iOS and many more. The most common things a user must look for when buying a smart phone in order to have the best out of their money are the following:

  •  Screen/glass protection- there are a lot of phones with customized screens, you have AMOLED, super AMOLED, ultra bright, corning gorilla glass display, nova display and many more. One of the most important things in buying a smart touch screen phone is the screen protection. You don’t want a phone with scratches all over the screen; buy a phone with protection on it. Corning gorilla glass is one of the toughest screens; most phones are equipped with it. It is scratch resistant and is anti-glare which allows you to have a stylish and elegant phone while being enable to use it under sunlight.
  •  Processor/RAM size- a vital key ingredient in smart phones is there speed, nobody wants a phone that is laggish. The larger the processor and RAM, the faster and the stronger the phone is. It is also the RAM which will tell whether the phone can accommodate HD gaming. Speed requirements vary from OS to OS. Don’t expect having a 600 MHz running on android would be as fluid if it were running in Windows. Know the requirements and fluidity of each OS but seeing and experiencing the whole interface is better.
  •  Screen size- the larger the screen, the better. Larger screens are better for gaming, movies and especially texting with a QWERTY android or Windows keypad.
  •  Pixel density and screen resolution- the larger the pixel density is, the better. This judges whether you have a pixelated or a sharp resolution. Pixel density varies with screen size, don’t expect that a 3 inch screen with a pixel density of 200 will have the same resolution with a 5 inch tab.
  •  Battery- the larger the screen and the stronger the processor is, the faster the battery discharge. Having a powerful phone would also mean having a much larger power house, always check the capacity of the battery and the energy requirements of phone.
  •  Awesome screens- one of the most crucial things to base a phone is its screen. Always check whether the phone is super AMOLED or has nova display. It is a step better in captivating brightness and delivering better resolution and impact.

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I might buy a smart phone and will use this information to make the buying decision. What do you think about opening a Cricket Cell Phone Shop?