Texting Abbreviations - Text Acronyms for Common Phrases
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Texting Abbreviations - Text Acronyms for Common Phrases

Texting abbreviations for commons phrases used in everyday life. Everything from LOL to BRB is covered, and in between. Do you want to shorten your text messages down to shorthand form instead of typing everything out on your cell phone or computer? How can you condense your words into a few letters, yet say what it is you want? Read this helpful guide to find out.

Having a guide for texting abbrevations and acronyms for commons phrases is helpful when someone wants to save time by using a few keystrokes to replace a whole sentence. A lot of people know, for example, that the phrase "laugh out loud" has the abbreviation of LOL. What are some other ways to text phrases we hear in everyday life? Check out the following acronyms and symbols to learn more about effectively communicating via text on your cell phone or computer.

Texting acronyms: General Phrases

  • AAF = as a matter of fact
  • AAK = alive and kicking
  • AAP = always a pleasure
  • AAR = at any rate
  • ADN = any day now
  • AFAIC = as far as I'm concerned
  • AML = all my love
  • AMOF = as a matter of fact
  • ASAP = as soon as possible
  • BF = brain fart
  • BFF = best friends forever
  • BION = believe it or not
  • BLNT = better luck next time
  • BOL = best of luck
  • BRB = be right back
  • BRH = be right there
  • BYOB = bring your own beer

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  • CB = coffee break
  • CFY = calling for you
  • CID = consider it done
  • CMB = call me back
  • CMIIW = correct me if I'm wrong
  • CRS = can't remember "stuff"
  • CSL = can't stop laughing
  • CTO = check this out
  • CUL8R = see you later
  • DF = don't even go there
  • DKDC = don't know, don't care
  • DTS = don't think so
  • DYNWUTB = do you know what you are talking about

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  • E123 = easy as 1, 2, 3
  • EOD = end of discussion
  • F2F = face to face
  • FBM = fine by me
  • FC = fingers crossed
  • FICCL = frankly I couldn't care less
  • FTBOMH = from the bottom of my heart
  • FWM = fine with me
  • FYEO = for your eyes only
  • G2G = got to go
  • GAC = get a clue
  • GAL = get a life

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  • HAG1 = have a good one
  • IFYP = I feel your pain
  • ISLY = I still love you
  • LOL = laugh out loud
  • NOYB = None of your business
  • NVM = never mind
  • OMDB = over my dead body

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  • RBAY = right back at you
  • SOAB = son of a bitch
  • TTUL = talk to you later
  • TYS = told you so
  • ^URS - up yours
  • UFN = until further notice
  • URTM = you are the man
  • WAM = wait a minute
  • WAS = wait a second
  • YCMU = you crack me up
  • YTB = you're the best
  • YWSYLS = you wins some you lose some

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Comments (3)

Excellent information for today's texting and Tweeting!!! Voted!

I have used just a few of these abbreviations on your list but most of them I never knew. Thanks for sharing.

I only knew a few from life in chatrooms (the old CBS chat rooms for Big Brother, Survivor, and Amazing Race), I do not text on my phone.