SkinIt vs. DecalGirl: Comparing Custom Mobile Phone Skins
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SkinIt vs. DecalGirl: Comparing Custom Mobile Phone Skins

In this report

Skins are vinyl stickers that will protect your electronic devices from scratches, dust and fingerprints. They will not protect your devices from bumps and accidental drops that may occur. Some skins are designed to encase the device while others cover only a portion of it.

SkinIt and DecalGirl offer the same basic product, complete with detailed instructions for applying and removing them from your device. However, there are some distinct advantages and disadvantages with these companies. This factoid will provide an in-depth comparison so that the customer can make an educated decision as to whether to shop at SkinIt or DecalGirl.

#1 - SkinIt

SkinIt offers more than skins for electronic devices. They sell wall decals, car decals, cases and covers. Customers can skin their devices to show off their favorite sports teams and colleges, Disney characters, sense of humor, sense of fashion, artistic tastes and more. Customers may also create their own skin by uploading images onto SkinIt’s server and position them for the best decoration and fit. Once the image is placed on the template, the customer can view it in Preview mode to see if everything looks right. If it does, he can add the design to their shopping cart and place their order. If not, they can go back to the template and make the necessary adjustments. For added customization, customers may type their names, a favorite quote or whatever they want. SkinIt carries templates for a wide variety of electronic devices. A partial list includes:

Customers can skin older models of popular devices such as an iPhone. Skins for less popular brands are also available. For example, customers can create a skin for the Motion Computing eReader. They are made out of a thick auto-grade 3M vinyl that will not fold and stick together once removed from the paper backing. The design colors and images closely match what you see on the computer.

Custom Skins
Kindle Fire skin - $34.99
iPhone 4/4S skin - $19.95
Dell Laptop skin - $34.99

Pre-made Design
Kindle Fire skin - $29.99
iPhone 4/4S skin - $14.99
Dell Laptop skin - $29.99

SkinIt does not have a review feature or a message board where customers may ask questions. However, they have a knowledge base and clear links to contact customer service, should they have an issue. The only con that I have experienced is their pricing. Skins from SkinIt are more expensive than their competitors.

Customer Reviews - Gabriel U., Allston, MA
I increased their rating because they do have excellent customer service.
Just know that the "skins" you buy are actually 3M vinyl stickers.

Excerpted from
So is the Skinit Streak skin worth $20 when similar products are available for $10? Probably not. I think $15 would be a fairer price, particularly since the Otterbox Impact Series case (review coming soon) is $20. That's a super thick silicone case, while this is basically just a big sticker. I like how it instantly transforms the look of the Streak without adding any bulk, though, and compared to one of the $10 skins I also have, Skinit's quality really is superior.

Excerpted from
But selection isn’t everything. As I’ve mentioned in my other skins reviews, you need to worry about quality and fit. With both of these, SkinIt does a solid job. The fit is almost edge-to-edge, with a bit more left off at the corners than I would’ve expected (although it does mostly prevent bunching up).

#2 - DecalGirl

DecalGirl offers high quality artwork for their skins. Customers have a wide variety of themes to choose from, including sports, retro and photography. They can select their device from the home page, select the model and then select the design that they want. Alternately, they can shop by artist, design or brand.

Skins are available with high-gloss coating or matte/satin (low gloss, non-glare) finishes. These finishes protect the artwork from everyday wear and tear. iPad 2 skins, laptop skins and cell phone skins come with the option of downloading free matching wallpaper. DecalGirl also sells screen covers and a security label that aids in theft recovery.

DecalGirl carries a variety of skin templates. A partial list includes:

Below are prices for three popular electronic devices.

Kindle Fire skin - $19.99
iPhone 4/4S skin -$9.99
Dell Inspiron Duo skin - $24.99 (add $5 for matte/satin coating)

Customers have the option of posting reviews or asking questions directly on the site. This gives potential customers a clear idea how well DecalGirl’s customer service team is performing as well as indicators of a design’s quality.

The biggest con I can see is a weaker theme selection, compared to SkinIt. While DecalGirl has some fantastic artistic designs, they do not carry popular brands like Disney or professional sports teams. Another issue I found was their tag search. When I clicked on the “car” tag, the site directed me to a page of 21 skinned devices that had one car theme. The rest of the devices listed on that page and subsequent pages had totally unrelated themes, such as geckos. As a potential customer, I was frustrated because I wanted to see full snapshots of car designs and more than one.

Customer Reviews

Excerpted from
I like the DecalGirl skin a lot - it’s done exactly what it’s supposed to, I really like this particular design, and my only issue is that it doesn’t offer more coverage, but I knew this when I placed the order.

Excerpted from KateD, an reviewer
This Skin is a vinyl sticker-like product NOT a rubber-like product. It will protect your device from dirt and fingerprints etc. not from banging your Kindle around...

Excerpted from
The application of the skin was fairly easy. The fit is good, but not great. This is a clear vinyl covering for the front and back of the iPod, but not the sides. Each piece of the kit covers either to front or back with no overhang at all. The front piece fit very nicely, but the back was actually just a tad smaller than I would have liked and leaves a few millimeters uncovered on either the top or the bottom of the iPods metallic back. Overall, the skin fit well, but not perfectly.

The Bottom Line

DecalGirl’s prices are cheaper than SkinIt’s, by as much as $10. They offer some spectacular designs by artists and photographers. However, their skins do not offer the same surface coverage that SkinIt offers.

SkinIt also beats DecalGirl in the design selection category by offering licensed designs from leading sports teams and entertainment and fashion industries. They have a bigger and more diverse range of devices. Perhaps the best feature that SkinIt has to offer is their “Create Your Own” skinning option. DecalGirl does not offer this. Lastly, SkinIt beats DecalGirl in the accessories department by offering more than screen protectors and loss recovery stickers.

While DecalGirl offers cheaper pricing and quality designs, SkinIt offers superior quality skin coverage, on-site features and device accessories.

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