Review: Amazon Kindle Mobile - IPad & Android
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Review: Amazon Kindle Mobile - IPad & Android

E-book readers have completely changed the way we acquire reading material. With the Amazon Kindle, not only is it possible to download entire books onto the e-reader device, but they can be sent to a PC, iPad or Android phone. This offers seamless convenience and flexibility, especially in an emergency such as the one described in this review.

The Amazon Kindle, and e-book readers in general, have completely revolutionized the way we purchase and devour our reading material. While they are no substitute for the physical pleasure (even the smell!) of holding a 'real' book, they earn top prize for convenience and flexibility.

As well as downloading electronic versions of published books, Kindle offers the opportunity to convert PDF files of documents and email them to your device. As a research scientist and freelance writer, I find it incredibly useful to download journal articles as PDF files and store them on my laptop. The next step is to attach the document to an email to my e-reader using a special address provided by Amazon, type 'Convert' in the Subject line and click 'Send'. Almost instantly, the file is available to read at my leisure.

Not only is it a breeze to select a book and pay for it with Amazon's 'One-Click' feature, but the 'Manage Your Kindle' section of their website takes the experience to a whole new level. Once you register your tablet or smart phone with the service, you can use this page to send any book or document in your inventory to any one of your mobile devices. For example, maybe you like to read in bed but you don't want to disturb your partner by keeping the light on. The Kindle 'e-ink' is easy on the eyes, but adding a backlight to permit reading in dim light would defeat the object. No problem. Simply send it to your iPad. Okay, you lose the benefit of the e-ink, but you don't have to leave the comfort of your own bed and migrate to the draughty living room!

Recently, Amazon Kindle bailed me out of a potentially terrifying situation. I had ventured onto a London Underground train without my e-reader! This, during rush hour when I am prone to bail out of the carriage when the crowd reaches a certain level, is a nightmare. My e-reader was at home on charge. My iPad is brand new and I am loathe to take it out of the house. In a blinding flash of inspiration, I realised that since I had my Android, I could access the website and have the novel I had been reading on my Kindle downloaded so that I could read it on my journey! I accomplished this in the time it took to get from North Acton to White City, where the train would plunge underground into a world without wireless. As soon as I opened the e-book on my Android Kindle app, I was able to pick up exactly where I had left off in the other device.

Simply put, Amazon Kindle can dramatically improved your quality of life. The cash savings on my inventory (most of my reading material is either free or drastically discounted) has already paid for the cost of purchasing the device. The convenience of sending books and documents to my other devices has launched me at warp speed into a whole new world.

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Comments (5)

Nice review.

Wow the new Kindle has come a long way. Great Review!

Impressive and well detailed review. Thanks for sharing

Useful details in this review. Thank you Kimberly. Wishing to be your friend.

Fantastic article on the bells and whistles of Amazon Kindle. I have the first edition and I love the fact that Amazon provides updates for it. I have never had to buy a new one. I wrote my own review quite a while ago. Yours is significantly updated.