How You Could Save Money by Switching to a Prepaid Cell Phone Service?
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How You Could Save Money by Switching to a Prepaid Cell Phone Service?

Cell phones can be expensive.  With so many companies and so many different plans, it can be confusing to navigate your way to the best deal on the market.  This article will discuss a simple solution that could save you money.  That solution is prepaid cellular service.  Prepaid service is simple because you're charged for the minutes you use and nothing more.

After surviving a lengthy contract with one of the largest cell phone service providers on the market, I decided to break free of the contracts and try something new.  After reviewing my cell phone bills over several months, I found that my wife and I were only using about 300 minutes of the 700 we were authorized with our plan.  That plan cost us about $72 per month.  I had heard about prepaid cell service and decided to do a little research.

After reading about several prepaid cellular services, I locked onto a service that offered a ver simple 10 cents per minute plan.  I decided to learn more and found they had a very large coverage area which was good because I spend about 20% of my time on the road.  They also offered a variety of basic phones which also appealed to me as I knew I'd be getting two of them.  One for me and one for my wife.

After deciding on the 10 cents per minute company, I found several of their phones for sale at a local retail store and bought two of them for $30 each.  They each came with 300 minutes of air time and at 10 cents per minute, the phone was basically free.

Activating the phone was easy using the internet and the codes that came with the phone.  Both phones were working great in no time.  Now I had control and if we kept up our 300 minutes per month, we'd be saving about $40 every month, or nearly $500 per year over our old service.

I've been using the service for four months now and the freedom from the monthly cell phone bill is invigorating.  The phone tells me exactly how many minutes I have remaining and I can recharge it with minutes using several simple methods.  I can buy minutes using the phone itself, purchase minutes online, or buy cards with minutes at a retail store.  They are always 10 cents per minute no matter how many I buy.  Simple, just the way I like it.  The quality of the service is clear, intelligible, and comparable to my old traditional cell service.  I even found that I had much better reception in some areas than with my major service provider.

Not everyone uses just 300 minutes each month so this plan is not the grand solution for every family.  Texts cost 5 cents per text so if you plan on turning your teenager loose with a prepaid phone, consider how much texting they might do.  The phones are not loaded with frills and aren't very internet savvy so consider that as well.  However, if you only use your phone to check in once in a while and enjoy the security and convenience of having a reliable communication means, prepaid is an economical alternative to traditional cellular service.

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Comments (1)

Interesting. Here in New Zealand there are 3 cellphone companies, and all have prepaid options. Over here everyone has prepaid, and its supported on all the phones you can buy over here (which are pretty good). I've always used Prepaid, and never a plan =D