Chat Symbols - Common Chat Symbols for Texting and Emailing
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Chat Symbols - Common Chat Symbols for Texting and Emailing

See an illustrated list of common chat symbols for use in texting via cell phone or emailing on the computer. Looking for cute or attention-getting images to make with just a few key strokes on your cell phone pad or computer keyboard? Refer to this handy reference for common chat symbols and images. At the bottom of the article there are other links to more specific texting acronyms and abbreviations.

Need a good reference to learn about common chat symbols used online in forums and for texting or emailing? There are all kinds of symbols and characters you can make with your keypad for keyboard. Hundreds of these images exist and mean a multitude of things, but some of the more recognizable forms of communicating are listed here.

Remember there is always more than one way to say something. Sticking your tongue out, for instance, can look like :P or :-r as a form of getting your message across. Most of the symbols here are the ones you will most likely encounter while in chat rooms or other online forums. Another example is a kiss can be :-* but the most common symbol is :* in keying that action. One is more of a kissing symbol and the other is kiss. It boils down to personal preference, which is one of the wonderful things about creating your own images. What is important is the person on the other end of the computer or cell phone understand what it is you are communicating.

Also, at the bottom of this article, there are more links to follow for emailing and texting symbols, abbreviations, and acronyms.

Common Chat Symbols

  • (:-*   Kissing
  • :*     Kiss
  • :)~     Drool
  • (:-...   Broken Heart
  • (:-)     Bald 
  • &-(     Crying
  • &:-)     Curly hair
  • #(     Lips are sealed
  • %*@:-(     Hung Over
  • (@@)     You're kidding
  • :&      Tongue tied
  • :-||    Angry
  • :(       Sad
  • :'       Crying
  • :)~     Drool
  • :-@     Confused
  • :-@;     Screaming
  • :-{)     Mustache
  • :O      Shocked or surprised
  • :-Q     Smoking
  • :p      Tongue sticking out
  • :-r      Sticking tongue out
  • ;-(      Wink
  • :-Z     Sleeping
  • |-0     Yawning
  • |:-)     Bushy/Heavy Eyebrows )
  • d:-)     Wearing a Cap
  • <3     Heart or Love

For more chat symbols and signs, be sure to check this page out on Angel Fire. An illustration of several expressions, smileys, moods, signs, and abbreviations are provided in detail.  

For more abbreviations on various chat terms and acronyms for texting, you will also benefit from more specific forms of communication. Read Text Symbols - Texting Symbols for Emotions,  Text Symbols - Texting Images of Animals,  Text Symbols - Fun Texting Symbols, Texting Abbreviations for Actions, Texting: Girly and Stylish Texting Symbols, and   Sext Text Abbreviations: Sexting Text Acronyms.

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Comments (2)

Love those symbols, now I know what some of them mean! Voted!

It is good to use symbols in communicating as long as the other party to whom you communicate with understands what the symbols are.In fact, using symbols is one of the fastest ways to communicate to other people using email and cellphone. I really learned a lot from your article, thank you for sharing, keep it up! (LIKED and SHARED)