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DecalGirl is a company that excels in manufacturing full-color, removable vinyl skins for laptops, cell phones, game consoles, iPods and other devices. They also delve deeply into making removable vinyl skins for a wide range of consumer electronic devices featuring artwork from talented designers worldwide. The company’s mission is “Manufacturing amazing looking skins while offering exceptional service”.
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Wexe is a retail company that imports products from China and sells them at discounted rates when compared to other retail outlets.  Because this is an import company, the merchandise varies from time to time.  Generally, the company carries a variety of toys, electronics, seasonal items, accessories, clothing and some custom-made wedding and formal items.
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Accessory Geeks is an online retailer of mobile phone accessories. It product portfolio are Cellphone Cases, Batteries, Chargers, USB Cables, Screen Protectors, Charms, Signal Amplifiers,  Signal Boosters, Headphones and Headsets, Bluetooth, Stands and Mounts, Memory Cards, Stylus, Different New Phones and New Products. It has categories of Iphone, Ipod, and Ipad and Tablet as well.
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Caseable LLC is a company that enables people to fully customize cases for laptops, tablets, Cell phones, Kindles and eReaders, and smartphones. All products are handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY. With offices in New York and Berlin, this truly international startup meets the trend and style of both continents for the customers.
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The Snugg is an online store that offers an outstanding selection of covers for iPads and iPad mini , keyboard cases, tablet and smartphones, and much more. The Snugg offers mutiple styles and colours products such as leather and soft plastic. The Snugg also offers their customers iPad mounts for car seats. The Snugg has five shopping categories: iPad Cases Tablet Cases Smartphone Cases Kindle Covers Other Accessories
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The Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei, moves into the ranks of the top five smart phone makers along with Samsung, Apple, Sony and ZTE. The company's success is credited to their broad-ranging strategy. Huawei offers abroad range of products, serving the needs of both high end technology consumers and those seeking smart phones at a lower price point.
Published by Laure Justice 60 months ago in Mobile Devices & Phones | +0 votes | 0 comments provides a totally new way for customers to buy products who are no longer satisfied with more traditional options in the electronics world as Presta is flexible and if you're ready for an affordable, risk-free way to get laptops, tablet computers, game consoles and more, then join us in saying no to long-term contracts with high interests rates, no to long-wait options like store layaway (by the time you pay it off, there's already a new model on the streets!) and no to high payments...
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Schatzii is a smart cloth created by Cleer Gear. This ultra-durable and machine washable cloth is made using a state of the art technology called AEGIS Microbe Shield which wipes away unsightly fingerprints and smudges without using water sprays, liquids or wet wipes and at the same time provides antibacterial protection. Its microfiber cloth on one side and patterned silky smooth microfiber on the other provides an effective and scratch-free cleaning ideal for iPad and iPhone.
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There is a great chance that you have CCleaner installed in your PC or laptop. If not, you may have already heard it from a friend who uses it. CCleaner is software that cleans out unnecessary files on a computer, and is produced by Piriform. Piriform is a global leader in PC optimization software.  Other products produced by Piriform are: Defraggler. This is used to defragment drives in a computer. Recuva. It is used to recover deleted files from a computer. Speccy. Spe...
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iPhones are sturdy things considering they house such groundbreaking technology. Consequently they’re more than capable of sustaining the routine knocks and minor accidents which mobile phones by their very nature are prone to. Yet when your iPhone gets wet, unless you act fast and take appropriate action, the damage can be permanent. Here’s what to do if your iPhone gets wet.
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CellHut is an online retailer offering customers everything they require to fill all their wireless needs. CellHut carries all the leading brands and operating systems. Brands available from CellHut Blackberry HTC LG Motorola Nokia Samsung Siemens Sony Ericsson Apple Operating systems available from CellHut Android Palm Symbian UIQSymbian Windows Mobile Smartphones Windows Mobile Pocket PC Electronics available from CellHut AudioCamera Gen...
Published by Travis Burdick 62 months ago in Mobile Devices & Phones | +0 votes | 0 comments is a website which offers a range of premium cases, primarily for iPad and iPhone,  as well as other premium brand mobile devices. The company cites its “distinguished taste” in procuring merchandise being comparable to their market’s own excellent standards, and highlights this as the most important feature of their service.
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Tom' Hardware is an online magazine focused on technology and gadgets. It offers articles, news, price comparisons, videos and reviews on computer hardware and high technology. It has coverage on CPUs, motherboards, RAM, graphics and displays, storage, and computer peripherals. It is published in several languages. The website regularly publishes "Build Your Own" articles and guidelines, where readers can learn how to build their own computers.
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