Android ODIN Flashing Guide
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Android ODIN Flashing Guide

This is a guide to rom flashing using Odin multi downloader.

In the current technological age, there are an increasing amount of Android ROMs being created for the various Android phone models. Therefore, we should keep up with the trend by knowing how to flash these roms. Rom flashing is a very useful tool especially when you want to have a new look for your android. In this guide, I will explain the basics of rom flashing using the Odin Multidownloader.


Odin multidownloader

Rom file to flash (you can download your desired rom files online. Different rom has different themes, build and kernel)

Android OS OPS file (every different phone has a different OPS file. The OPS file sets the OS for your ROM. If you pair up the wrong OPS with the wrong ROM, your phone may fail to boot)

SAMSUNG KIES (For samsung phones. I've got a lot of people asking me about how come their Odin does not detect their phone even though it is in download mode. The reason is because you will need samsung kies for your computer to detect the phone. I'm not very sure if there is a similar software for other phone types like HTC or something, but Samsung Kies is compulsory if you want to flash a samsung phone rom)

How to flash

Open Odin

Press 'Reset Files'

Select the 'ops' and select the file in which your phone ops file is located on your computer. (eg. samsung galaxy 3 would have an ops file called apollo_0531.ops) You can download your phone ops file online.

If your rom comes in parts like boot, phone, pda files, insert the file paths in the different parts respectively. If your rom file is just a .tar or .md5 file, check 'One package' and fill the file into the file path in the One package column.

Check auto-reboot, protect OPS and reset time. You can change the amount of reset time. Reset time value is the amount of seconds your phone will remain in the recovery mode after the flashing has 'pass'-ed.

Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable and go to download mode in your phone. (For some phones, download mode can be manually accessed by pressing volume down + home button + on key at the same time and holding them until the phone starts)

Check that your phone port is detected in odin. (If it is detected, there would be a message at the bottom left hand corner of odin and under the comp mapping, there would be something coming out)

Press the 'START' button. Your phone will not start its flashing process.

If the flashing goes well, odin will tell you it "PASS"-ed. If you don't see the Pass in the blue box, means it has either failed or have not completed its flashing process.

When you are at the recovery mode, clear all your phone cache and system reset. You won't want junk files to remain in your system and junk up the internal memory.

Press reboot and your phone will reboot.

Further notice

Depending on your phone, roms flashed may cause your phone to malfunction or stuck for the first few times of booting. Make sure you reboot when your phone is stuck or jammed or likewise. After a while the phone will be adpated to the rom and will not have any problems.

If a rom update is available for the rom you have flashed for your phone, you can update the rom by downloading the for your rom and put it in your sd card, then go into recovery and select the zip file.

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